Yangon | Day Trip on a Budget

If you’re planning to go on a trip to Myanmar, you’ll most likely be entering the country through Yangon. You can actually visit most of Yangon’s attractions in 1 day. Earlier, I did just that. The good thing about it is, it’s actually cheap! Just get your shoes(or in my case, slippers) on and just enjoy the walk, and the rides.

I’m staying in 20th Street Hostel, close to Chinatown. As reference, this will be considered my starting point. After waking up at around 9am, I just had a quick breakfast, got changed and I was on my way.


Left the hostel and walked towards Yangon Central railway to ride the Circular Train.(10-15 minute walk. Take Shwedagon Pagoda Rd. from Chinatown)
Price: Free

Made a short stop at Holy Trinity Cathedral on my way to the railway station. You won’t miss its distinct red brick design. It’s right before Bogyoke market. I just spent around 5 minutes there since it was closed and Bogyoke market was closed as well, so I just went straight to the railway station.(10-15 minutes)
Price: Free

Yangon Holy Trinity Cathedral

Had “Moringa” for brunch at the sidewalk near the railway station. I took my time at the vendor’s stall, lazed a bit and even had coffee.(1 Hour)
Price: 700 Kyats(0.60 US$ or 27 PhP)

Yangon Brunch

Arrived at Yangon Central Railway Station

Yangon Central Railway

Circular Train Ride(3 hours)
Price: 200 Kyats(0.15 US$ or 8 PhP)

Inside Circular Train Yangon

Circular Train arrives back at the Yangon Central Railway Station and I walked back down south to Sule Pagoda.
Price: Free

Sule Pagoda

”Real” Lunch at 999 Shan Noodle Shop. I had the Shan Noodles with chicken and it was really good. I also had their Garcinia Cambogia juice and it was just okay, not really something I would recommend. This place has every right to be in the Lonely Planet book.(30 mins)
Price: 1,800 Kyats(1.50 US$ or 70 PhP)

Took the bus from Sule Pagoda to Kandawgyi Lake.(15 mins)
Price: 200 Kyats

Arrived at Kandawgyi lake and strolled around for almost an hour from Kandawgi lake to Bogyoke Park.(45 mins)
Price: Free

Kandawgyi Lake Yangon

Walked towards the West entrance of the Shwedagon Pagoda for a nice sunset view. It was just a blessing in disguise though, I didn’t really know that there were 4 entrances.(15 mins)
Price: Free

Shwedagon Sunset

Shwedagon Pagoda just right before sunset. I was in total awe and ended up staying for more than 2 hours. The view is just as amazing at night as it is during the sunset.(2 Hours and 30 mins)
Price: 8,000 Kyat(7 US$ or 300 PhP)

Shwedagon Blue Hour

Took the bus back to Sule Pagoda.(15 mins)
Price: 200 Kyat

Arrived at Chinatown and had street food(again). I had Vermicelli noodles with chicken and Coke. I don’t know what it’s called but it was so good too! Like “Char Kway Teow and Pad Thai”- level good.
Price: 1,200 Kyat(11 US$ or 50 PhP)

Arrive at 20th Street Hostel


Total Trip Time: 11 Hours
Total Budget: 12,300 Kyat(11 US$ or 500 PhP)





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