What Makes A Sunset Beautiful

Have you ever wondered what makes a Sunset Beautiful?

Watching the Sunset from Fira, Santorini

About a month ago, I was on a 9-hour bus trip from Chumphon to Bangkok. It was the day after the full moon party in Koh Phangan. That means I haven’t had a minute of sleep the night before. After the 1st and only stop, my brain was starting to shut off. I needed to recharge. I don’t usually use headphones when going on long trips on the belief that the experience goes way beyond the sights but it also includes the sounds you hear along the way. Be it listening to some locals talking, accidentally eavesdropping on other travellers discussing about how wonderful their previous trip went, or even listening to some mushy-sounding songs in a language you don’t know a word of. It’s all part of the experience. But this time, I couldn’t take any more of those. I just needed some sleep so I put on my headphones, placed my backpack comfortably under my feet, reclined my seat, and then the song went “don’t worry about a thing, ‘coz every li’l thing is gonna be alright”. Aaahhhhh! I was about to get my much-needed 40 winks. But before I could even get to the first wink, I looked out the window and saw this huge, bright reddish-orange ball of fire sitting atop the mountain. It was so beautiful that I didn’t wanna take my eyes off of it. Not even to reach for my camera to take a snapshot. I just stared at it until it disappeared behind the same mountain  it was sitting on.

Santorini, Greece

Then it hit me. It got me thinking….What makes a sunset so beautiful? I mean, the sun is out for at least 12 hours everyday but why do we find ourselves staring at it just when it’s getting ready to disappear into the horizon? I think I speak for everyone when I say that a SUNSET is ALWAYS a beautiful sight to see. Right?

Taken from the train…Sunset in Bern, Switzerland


After a short introspection, I came up with this…


Koh Tao, Thailand



“Now I understand what makes a sunset so beautiful. It’s quite simple, actually. It’s because it’s within our reach. And for those 30 minutes or so, we can stare at the sun while it sinks deeper and deeper behind the horizon. We don’t have to worry about those sharp rays stinging our eyes and causing us to shed a tear or two.



Miami, Florida



That’s an exact metaphor of life. We should realize that we become more beautiful in everybody else’s eyes as we humble ourselves down until we are at eye’s-level just like the horizon. Because at the end of the day, as we set, things will begin to look more beautiful in our own eyes when we see everyone else as equals. That’s KARMA.



Sairee Beach, Koh Tao, Thailand



People who think they shine so bright like the mid-day sun looking down on everyone will never know how beautiful life is when viewed from the horizon’s perspective. Think about it, wouldn’t you wanna look straight into someone’s eyes and tell them how beautiful they are?”







 I know I would…

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  1. zsor says:

    You are quite a writer there my friend.. 😀
    I’m happy that you’ve finally put up a blog.

    • Nurse-issistic Traveller says:

      Thank you Rosz! ’twas nice seeing you in Thailand. In the airport, that is…:)

  2. Sakto I’m listening to the song ‘Into the Sunset’. Love the photos and your perspective about sunsets. :)

  3. What makes a sunset beautiful???
    There’s a lot of things to consider, but the most powerful aspect for onlookers like us is how it draws emotions that it can even force us to be introspective.
    I love watching Sunrise or Sunsets especially if they are revealed in Saturated colors of light.
    It’s certainly makes you feel like you are in a milestone, for either starting and ending an endeavor. :)

  4. Vada Ramos says:

    Beautiful! :) and sharing it with someone? :p

  5. marinelle says:

    I love your blog. Keep on inspiring people :)

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