Two Liters to Adventure

Don’t ask me how…but last year I came up with another idea on how to save up for a travel fund. I call it “Two Liters to Adventure”. I know most of us had a piggybank at one point in our lives, well some of us still do. The only difference is what we spend it for when the time comes to break it. The goal is to save for a “travel fund” by putting whatever spare coins I have accumulated  throughout the day on an empty two-liter soda bottle. It’s that simple so feel free to cash in(pun intended).

Two Liters to Adventure

Here are the guidelines for this project:

1. USE SOMETHING RECYCLED. I used an empty 2-liter Coke bottle for mine. I just put a little slit on the neck of the bottle and voila! an instant Piggy bank. I know it’s called “Two Liters to Adventure” but feel free to modify. No worries, the goal remains the same anyway.

2. CHOOSE YOUR COIN DENOMINATION. I prefer 5 and 10-Peso coins since I don’t get a lot of these throughout the day so there’s very little pressure to fill up the bottle in the shortest amount of time. It’s not a race, just enjoy watching your bottle fill up little by little.

3. DROP EVERYTHING. All spare coins of your chosen denomination must go inside the piggy bank at the end of the day. No Exceptions! Why? Spare coins are more likely to be spent on unnecessary things like candies or worse, cigarettes. Why not save it instead? So drop all the spare coins you have accumulated throughout the day in the bottle.

4. NO WITHDRAWALS. Another reason I chose the bottle as my piggybank is that there’s no way for me to take out some of the coins unless I cut the whole thing open. I suggest you do the same.

5. CASH OUT. Cut your bottle open and start counting(this takes a lot of work) but you’ll be surprised how far those coins have come. From what’s supposed to be spent on candies and cigarettes to a few thousand pesos maybe?

6. CHOOSE YOUR ADVENTURE. Once you’ve filled up your bank and broke it open, treat yourself to an adventure. Buy a plane ticket, use it to book your accommodations, go on a food trip or do whatever you like with your savings.You saved up for it, you deserve it.

6. TELL YOUR STORY. I’d like to know how far your Two liters will take you. Come back and tell your story on the comments section. At the end of this project, I’ll be updating this post to let you know how far my Two Liters has taken me, please do the same with yours. Whatever the outcome is, I hope it’s something worthwhile for all of us. Cheers to more adventures!

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  1. Can’t wait to find out where your two liters of adventure takes you, Ayn! Great idea. I gave Luna a coin bank which, unfortunately, she can open. I always find the coins littered around the house!

    • Nurse-issistic Traveller says:

      hahaha! luna! no cheating! by the time she graduates high school, she’ll have enough for a trip around the world na…or pang debut? hehehe

  2. This is a great idea! I also wanna know where your two liters of adventure takes you! Best of luck. 😀

  3. biboy bunal says:

    you inspire me! thank you and more power!!

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