Travelling In Contrast


There are days when you just want to go home and tell your story of how amazing a place is and how friendly the people are, then there are days when you just want to talk to someone that actually speaks your language.

Some days you’ll think about the future of a place and what it would be like two, three, five or even ten years from now, then there are days when you come across stories that even history books don’t know about.

Some days you’ll feel like walking nonstop from one corner of the city to the other and stopping by to take a few photos once in awhile, then there are days when you just want to laze around in your dorm bed or hostel lobby all day and catch up with people back home over Facebook or Viber.

Some days you’ll meet angels on the road to save you from what would otherwise be a costly misadventure, then there are days when you meet rude ones who turn out to be angels nevertheless.

Some days you just want to be alone, then there are days when you feel left out.

Some days you’ll be eating hand-stirred noodles that would’ve tasted better if you didn’t see how it was prepared, then there are days when you’ll have mozzarella cheese melting towards your tongue as you guide that heavenly slice of pizza to your mouth hoping to eat the whole slice in one bite.

Some days you’ll be paying twice as much as other travellers did, then there are days when you get things for free.

Some days you’ll sleep soundly in a VIP night bus, then there are days when you’ll be covering your nose with the collar of your shirt from the back of a pickup truck while hitchhiking.

Some days you’ll feel so blessed after praying at a sacred site of your religion, then there are days when you pray to Jesus, Buddha, Allah or Krishna from a temple, a church, or a mosque because you understand that they’re all the same.

Some days you’ll capture the perfect moment in your phone camera, then there are days when you don’t even bother pulling out your camera because you’d rather bask in that moment because you know you’ll still be in awe when you recall that view thirty years later.

Some days you’ll need to walk fifteen kilometers, then there are days when you pay for a tuk-tuk ride not knowing your stop is just right around the corner.

Some days you’ll feel awful for no reason, then there are days you catch yourself smiling at a terminally awful situation.

Some days you’ll sweat like a pig on a humid day in the tropics, then there are days when you shiver in the snow.

Some days you’ll wake up with a bad hangover, then there are days you’re thankful you had tequila the night before.

Some days you’ll find yourself marveling above the clouds at a mountain peak, then there are days when you glide inches over a sandy seabed

Some days you’ll walk a road that seems to never end, then there are days when you find yourself at a dead end only to find out that it was exactly the place you needed to be and there’s really nothing special about it.

Some days seem to last forever, then there are days that seem to go by in the blink of an eye.

…But no matter what happens, you just have to remember that they’re just days, just like the ones we always seem to lose track of while we’re on the road. But beyond these little daily experiences, we still have our entire lives ahead of us. More days to make the most out of.



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