The Sunrise and the Lighthouse

Apo Island Lighthouse at Sunrise

I woke up just as the sky started turning blue with that little tinge of light from nowhere.
Before my eyes were completely open, I splashed whatever’s left from the bottle of water that was naturally chilled by the cool sea breeze from the night before.
I had just enough light from the sky to see the white concrete path leading to the first flight of stairs that would ultimately lead me to the very top of this mystical island.
But it wasn’t just stairs that would lead me there.
It was a mixture of trails and awkward pathways, rocks and soil and sometimes even mud.
The island was peacefully asleep and I was half-awake but I was determined to get to the top before sunrise.
I was marching up the steep trail to the sound of the rooster’s early morning cry as if they were trying to wake me up with every step I take.
Soon enough, I passed by a house in what I thought was the peak but still there was no lighthouse in sight.
Then I heard a dog’s anxious bark telling this lost tourist to shoo away.
Behind that bark, I heard a voice saying “Good morning, are you going to the lighthouse to see the sunrise? Just head straight and follow that path”.
Having someone I just met a second ago read my mind gave me a deeper connection with this island.
I said my “thanks” and and headed further down the path that seemed to never end.
This time, the path was smaller and no end was to be seen.
A combination of leaves, branches and flowers tickled my already tired legs to give them a good boost to carry on walking.
I passed by another tiny hut just behind the bushes.
From its windows I heard another warm morning greeting. One that seemed to come from the window itself as it opened up for the first time that day.
A few steps later, I was there at the end of the path. I was at the very top of the island.
At first I noticed its neighbors, they were much bigger and more prominent.
But then I realized that I was looking too far.
As I looked closer to my right, I started seeing the bigger picture as I saw the lighthouse standing alone and very still.
I wanted to see the tall, lone, white pole in its entirety but something seemed to wink at me from the background.
My eye’s focus was stolen by a bright, shapeless light behind a sea of clouds.
That’s when I realized that I couldn’t just see one of them, I had to see both…
The Sunrise and the Lighthouse.
They each had their moments.
One stood tall as it occasionally beamed its charming flash and begging the world to heed the call of the island while the other drove the darkness of the night away. All the while hiding its humble majesty behind the clouds.
They could’ve fought for what little time they both had but instead they chose to complement each other’s beauty and share the limelight.
So now the question is…
Why can’t we be just another Sunrise behind every other Lighthouse?
Or be the Lighthouse that’s strong enough to step aside and allow everyone else to see the Sunrise instead of blocking its gentle morning rays.


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