The Epic Summer of 2013

As much as I want to, I just couldn’t find the right words to describe how amazing this summer has been for me. I wish I could share every detail of my trip to Thailand which pretty much made my summer, but I’d run out of words to do so. Instead, I picked out a few pics from my camera and created a little slideshow just because I couldn’t say it any better than how these pictures would show it.

Just to give you an idea, these shots were taken between April 20-26, 2013. From the ferry ride from Chumphon after getting left behind by the ferry I originally booked, to the serene and well-balanced(yes, i’m talking about the elements of Peace and Party) in Koh Tao, to the craziest day of my life by far in Koh Phangan’s Full Moon party(and pre-full moon parties). Please don’t hesitate to nod your head or stomp your feet to the beat of Summer Paradise by Simple Plan featuring Sean Paul.

I just wouldn’t have it any other way. It was indeed my Summer Paradise!

You might wanna switch to full screen…

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