The Author


A Registered Nurse by profession and a traveller by passion. I have an insatiable thirst for adventure sometimes even crossing the thin line into recklessness. Why, you may ask? It’s when I’m standing at the edge of the cliff ready to jump or when my legs are dangling at an airplane’s door ready to fall. It’s when I’m swimming in the company of sharks or toploading on a bus. That’s when I get to hear my own heartbeat slam against my chest. It’s that kind of thrill that makes me feel most alive. That’s what I live for. My indomitable addiction for adrenaline has led me to try different activities from the mainstream to the insanely taboo. I’ll try anything at least once because I’m crazy like that.

An athlete since birth, Basketball is my sport of choice(actually, not a choice when you grew up in a family of ballers). I always get drawn to hobbies that involve anything that bounces and is preferably round. A self-diagnosed ADHD(Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), I constantly demand physical activity, not attention. It’s actually just a fancy way of describing myself as someone who can’t stay still for more than 2 minutes.

I’m a backpacking, beach bumming, micro-budget, solo traveller. I love travelling alone and with no concrete plans. I find itineraries limiting so I usually stick to my gut because I have this disease I can’t seem to get rid of, it’s called SPONTANEITY. I enjoy getting lost. To add thrill to my trips, I go with very little research about my destination or none at all. I always keep my travel expenses low by letting go of unnecessary luxuries and living on nothing but the bare necessities while on the road(and now even when I’m home). This has allowed me to go on more trips despite my meager travel funds. Even if I had enough money, I’d still pick a hostel or a homestay over a hotel for my accommodation.  I like travelling to small, less-touristy islands and provinces. I’m a sucker for street food and everything local.


This is pretty much everything I know about myself for now. After all, I travel to know myself a little better and return home(wherever home is) a little different each time…