Survival Guide: Siargao International Surfing Festival


It’s September! And in my calendar, September is Siargao month. If you’ve been there during this month, you’ll know why. If seasons have peaks then the last 2 weeks of September would definitely be the summit. Last year I travelled to Siargao 3 times between the months of August to November. Yes, it’s too obvious […]

A Lesson on Contentment from an Unlikely Source

Home for the night

“Experience, Travel – these are as education in themselves” – Euripides I couldn’t even count the number of times I’ve told people how I understood more about life while exploring the 4 corners of the world than I did while sitting inside the 4 walls of the classroom for more than half my life… We […]

3 Things You Shouldn’t Miss in Siargao

The Spectator's Tower

3…2…1. 3 plane tickets, 2 cancelled flights, 1 trip and at last I’m back to where it all started. If you’ve read my post “Siargao: The Journey, Not the Destination“, you’ll understand why. If not, I suggest you read it first. What I didn’t tell everyone is that Siargao was one of the first places […]


View of Siargao's neighboring islands from a mile high

Siargao has always been known as the “Surfing Capital of the Philippines”. To everyone else, Siargao is home to Cloud 9, the best Surf Break in the country and arguably all of Asia but to me, this holds the memory to one of my most exciting adventures to date. Two days ago I was scheduled […]

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