Siargao has always been known as the “Surfing Capital of the Philippines”. To everyone else, Siargao is home to Cloud 9, the best Surf Break in the country and arguably all of Asia but to me, this holds the memory to one of my most exciting adventures to date.

Two days ago I was scheduled to fly to Siargao with my Mom, my brother Rhett, his wife and my 7-year old english-speaking nephew Zale. Although we were travelling together, we had different things in mind. Except for myself, this was supposedly everyone else’s first time in the island. Although my mom went there a few years ago, she only spent half a day in the island so this was virtually her first time too. They all wanted to see what the “Surfing Capital of the Philippines” has to offer and as for me, I only had 1 thing in mind…to SURF!

 Our flight was scheduled to depart from Cebu at 3:10pm and was to arrive in Siargao at 4:00pm. It was one gloomy day, the weather wasn’t perfect but it wasn’t that bad either. I checked the forecast and aside from a Low Pressure Area and a 50% chance of rain, it said nothing about a rainstorm. A few minutes after checking in, we boarded the plane and began cruising in the clouds on board the ATR plane. It was relatively a smooth flight all the way except for some occasional turbulence and the excitement was building up inside me. Then I heard the pilot’s voice. He announced “In a few minutes, we will begin our final descent….blah3x”. By this time, adrenaline began pumping so hard and my senses we’re heightened a hundred-fold that I could almost hear the waves from beyond the clouds. This is it! I was ready to raise my “shaka” hand up in the air in excitement. I was looking out the window the whole time. I could see the waves create a white lining in the otherwise dark blue water. I love SURFING! I’m not saying I’m good at it, but I sure love doing it.

View of Siargao's neighboring islands from a mile high

View of Siargao’s neighboring islands from a mile high

As I was looking out the window, I noticed the plane was going ’round in circles. I knew this is what pilots normally do before they are cleared to land by air traffic controllers. After awhile it just seemed like the pilot was drawing an Olympic sign in the sky and that’s when I considered the possibility of the plane actually getting sent back to Cebu and true enough we were sent back. All of a sudden all you can hear in the cabin was the “oohs” of the passengers followed by synchronized murmurs that were only suppressed by the crew’s apologies.

I can feel everyone’s disappointment but for some reason I didn’t have any. I just did the next best thing. I stood up, opened the overhead compartment, grabbed the book (Vagabonding by Rolf Potts) from my backpack and returned to my seat. I just sat comfortably, read page after page while occasionally looking out the window to marvel at the beauty of the island that was once my destination but is just now part of a beautiful landscape of perfectly arranged green spots in a huge blue canvass. And before I knew it, we were back in Cebu.

See this is one of the most important lessons that travelling has taught me. That LIFE is all about perspective. There’s a catch though, we can only see black and white. There are no grey areas.  Things may not always go your way and you may not always arrive at your destination but trust me on this…it’s so easy to spot the bad things in LIFE but if you find that tiny speck of goodness in something, it’ll be all you need to enjoy the entire journey.

The choice is yours. Make it the right one.

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  1. Cille says:

    Agree 100% on your parting points =)
    An almost similar thing happened to me last June with a flight getting diverted but instead of getting stress, I took a nap. Works wonderfully. =)

    • Nurse-issistic Traveller says:

      Exactly. You can’t stay disappointed. Sometimes something even better can come up out of a misfortune. If not, we can always try looking at the same situation from a different angle and maybe get a better view.


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