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Before there were Transformers and before Optimus Prime and Bumble Bee, both the skies and my childhood were ruled by Gundam and Voltes V. Though at age 5 I didn’t understand much about heroes and villains, hearing my brothers talk passionately about this powerful robot made me sleep better at night knowing that Gundam is always there to protect the world. So when I visited Odaiba, I made sure I wouldn’t miss out on the chance to see the real Gundam in action.

And sure enough, I wasn’t disappointed. It was like fulfilling a childhood fantasy. It’s like I regained the excitement I had as a child. A skill I’ve lost by growing up. The skill of being in awe of just about anything. Because when we grow up, we become more rational and we begin to lose the vitality we used to embrace as children. The things that used to excite us become nothing more than a childhood fantasy, they became mere fiction. As I grew older, Gundam became just another character in another robot series and no longer the robot that protected the world and gave me a sense of security. Now, i’m not so sure if being rational is a good thing.

It required a trip to Odaiba to take me back to my thumb-sucking days. Back to when I watched from the picture tube how they would beat the crap out of the bad guys with their ingenious strategies. I thought I had outgrown everything about this series but as soon as the show started and Gundam’s eyes lit up, mine did as well and by the time the theme song played, my heart raised. For the next 10 minutes or so, my whole world became a fantasy while Gundam was real and I was that kid again. That kid who had a broomstick for a sword and a pillow for a shield. Halfway through the show, my adrenaline levels were at an all-time high, I would curse the villains at the back of my mind and I felt every impact whenever Gundam sustained blows by that damn alien robot. At times I felt desperate and I didn’t think he could recover from all the blows he endured but when he came out from the dark and slashed the villain with his sword, I could hear the kid in me say “Whoa, that’s the coolest thing ever!”. In the end, the mighty and powerful robot still managed defeat the enemy like he used to and like he always does and the world is once again safe thanks to Gundam!

For the kids who may or may not know Gundam and for the kids at heart who miss Gundam as much as they miss their security pillows, or for those who have been to Odaiba but missed the chance to watch the show, check out this video(click HD):





See Gundam come to life in Odaiba right outside DiverCity Tokyo Plaza at these times:

Day: 12:00nn, 3:00pm and 5:00pm (no wall video for day shows)
Night: 7:30pm, 8:00pm, 8:30pm, 9:00pm (with wall video)

Schedules may vary*

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