Cheap and Delicious Food in Siargao at Lungay Store

Yes, there’s cheap and delicious food in Siargao. Apart from the usual chicken barbecue, grilled fish and homemade burgers at the boulevard and the “chicken joy” in the corner of the next street, there’s actually cheap and delicious carenderia food for those of us who are travelling on a very tight budget.

“Where can we find cheap food in Siargao, specifically in General Luna?”. It’s a question I hear too often from friends and other travellers. They’ve all been complaining about how food is quite expensive in the island and how a meal for 1 person can cost at least 150 Pesos. I thought maybe they were getting resort prices since they were….well, dining at the restaurant inside the resorts.


Last year, as I was strolling around town looking for a place to eat, I chanced upon this store not too far from the church in General luna. It’s called “Lungay Store”. I gave it a try and I knew immediately that will be frequenting this little carenderia every time I visit Siargao. Not only is the food cheap, they also made quite an impression on my taste buds.


All these and a bottle of water for about 90 Pesos. Yep that’s 2 entrees, a cup of rice and a bottle of water for that price. Now, that’s below a hundred pesos for my 2-course lunch today. I just had Dinuguan and Linat-an nga Baboy which costs about 30 pesos each. Not bad, right?

Although most locals just prefer to have their meals to go, I decided to dine in since there’s plenty of space anyway. About 5 tables of varying lengths make up the place to accommodate different group sizes. It’s a good very place to dine in comfortably.


Their menu constantly changes except maybe for the fried chicken which is always a favorite among locals. I would try everything if I could but just for today I’ll stick with those two above. I think I got it right though since the Dinuguan and the Linat-an were the bestsellers for today. Maybe I’ll have the Pork Steak and the Paklay some other time.


…and of course, how can you end a meal without a dessert. How about a mixed fruit ice candy for 5 pesos? What a great way to beat the heat of the 12 o’clock sun in paradise.


I can definitely guarantee that you’ll leave this place not only with a happy tummy but a happy pocket as well. So next time you crave for cheap and delicious food in General Luna or when you’re hungry after a whole day’s worth of surfing, give Lungay Store a try. I highly recommend it.

Oh by the way, I almost forgot to give you directions…

You don’t really need directions. Just to to Genereal Luna where everybody knows everybody else and ask anyone preferably near the church area. Just say in your best Siargaonon accent impersonation “Haman dapit an Lungay Store?” or “Haman dapit an ila Rochelle?” and the locals will gladly point you to that direction.

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