How Did You Fall in Love with Solo Travel?

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“My alone feels so good, I’ll only have you if you’re sweeter than my solitude.”
– Warsan Shire

Not everyone is open to the idea of solo travel. Some might even dread the thought of taking on the world alone. To some, travelling itself is scary enough, let alone travelling by lonesome. Humans, as social beings, need to be in constant interaction with one another. Why do you think “Social Networking Sites” thrive? The thought of dining out alone, sleeping alone, watching a movie alone or simply just the word “Alone” would make most people cringe.


There are a few of us who have found our way back to the true independent nature of Man. We are the ones who don’t limit our connections to other human beings but instead, make that deeper connection with nature and with the universe in its entirety. We have fallen in love with something we can never fall out of love with – Solo Travel.

Just like how the books would describe the process of falling in love, some found it at first sight, some have learned to love through persistency by constantly forcing themselves into it, some have found solace during a healing trip or after a heartbreak when they ran into the arms of Solo travel for comfort, and some…well they just found their way back to Solo travel just like a long lost childhood sweetheart. And I, personally, would like to think I am born with it. I knew I was in love the moment I took my first breath as this scary world took my breath away and taught me how to breathe by myself.

Now, I’d like to play Cupid and inspire others to make that trip happen. If you’re planning to go on that first solo trip, just go! If you’re scared, then go on that trip feeling scared. Who cares if you are? There’s no one there to judge yourself but you. It doesn’t have to be a backpacking trip, take as much luggage as it takes to pack your peace of mind because in the end, your solitude will be so liberating that it’ll slowly erase the line that separates your fears from your comforts, your illusions from your reality, your apprehensions from your adventures…and by the time you realize that, it will be too late…You’ve already fallen in LOVE!

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  1. you will remain scared if you don’t do things that will scare you… I found love in solo travel, I found life on the road 😉

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