Yangon | First Meal

“My trip doesn’t start until my first meal”. This is what I realized as I’m writing this in the lobby of my hostel on 20th street in downtown Yangon, a block away from the infamous Chinatown and 19th street, Yangon’s equivalent to maybe Pub Street of Siem Reap or Khaosan Road of Bangkok…but not quite. The concept is the same though, restaurants on both sides and dozens of food carts selling anything from barbecue, to noodles, to fried rice to fried crickets.

As I was strolling around looking for a place to eat or at least sit my tired ass down, I came across lots of “Grill Carts”, they were selling pretty much the same kinds of food but I haven’t found any notable ones. You know, those food places that people really line up for?  One thing’s for sure though, I’m always drawn to street food therefore restaurants are out of the question at this point. I just sat on the next empty table, or in this case, empty end of the food cart.

Yangon Street Food

There were so many kinds of food to choose from, I even had to choose which part of the pork I wanted them to grill. But before I had the chance to choose, one of the assistants brought food to the next table and right away I pointed at the plate on the next table and told them I wanted that too. I knew it was pork since it resembled our very own Lechon Kawali but I still wanted to try it. That’s how good it looked. I also made one “safer” choice – grilled quail’s egg, close enough to Kwek-Kwek.

Yangon Meal

A few minutes later, food was served and true enough, it was their version of “Lechon Kawali” that came with a special sauce. Two sauces actually. The first one was a mild and sweet version of Sambal(Chili sauce), the second was a too-sweet-for-my-taste, god-knows-what, fruity kind of sauce. To be fair, the two complemented each other though. It went well with the quails eggs. The pork was a disappointment, it was a little too fatty. And that’s coming from someone who eats fatty food on a daily bases and eats Lechon and sisig for midnight snacks. It was just too much. Come to think of it, it was the neck part of the pork, my least favorite part.


Fried Pork Yangon


The Sauce

I gotta admit this first meal didn’t leave me with a good impression but it was an “okay” meal, not necessarily a bad one. Good thing I got to chase it with a huge bottle of Myanmar beer. Again, this wasn’t the best beer I’ve had but it was definitely the beer I needed the most. Despite this slight disappointment, I’m still excited to try other street foods in Yangon tomorrow or maybe even go back at that exact same cart just because there’s so much to choose from. I feel like I could stay here for a week and I still wouldn’t be able to try each item on the display.

Myanmar Beer


Now that the meal is done, I think it’s safe to say that the trip has now officially begun. No itinerary? No problem as long as this stomach is No empty.

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