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May it be on a Bucketlist or a Wanderlist. A trip to Europe would almost always be a part of anybody’s list. Luckily for me, my parents decided to take me with them on a month-long Euro Trip.

For anyone who is planning to go on a Euro Trip, 3 questions would initially come to mind.
“Where do I start?”, “Where do I go next?”, and “Where’s the best place to finish the trip?.
This is not a suggestion for an Itinerary.
This is merely a summary of how we went on with our trip.

Eurotrip Itinerary

Eurotrip Itinerary

The picture pretty much explains how we got around. But just in case you’re curious, here’s a more detailed summary of the trip:

Travel Dates: 17 October - 21 November 2011
Total Number of Days: 36
Number of Countries Visited: 5
Number of Cities Visited: 10

October 17 - Left for Barcelona, Spain
October 18 - 22 - Barcelona, Spain
Barcelona to Madrid by TRAIN (Eurail)
October 22 - 28 - Madrid, Spain
Madrid to Paris by PLANE (Easy Jet)
October 28 - November 2 - Paris, France
Paris to Bern by TRAIN(Eurail)
November 2 - 6 - Bern, Switzerland
Bern to Venice by TRAIN (Eurail)
November 6 - 9 - Venice, Italy
Venice to Rome by TRAIN (Eurail)
November 9 - 14 - Rome, Italy
Rome to Athens by PLANE (Easy Jet)
November 14 - 17 - Athens, Greece
Athens, Greece to Santorini, Greece by FERRY (Blue Star Ferries)
November 17 - 20 - Santorini, Greece
Santorini to Athens by PLANE (Olympic Air)
November 20 - 21 - Athens, Greece
November 21 - Bittersweet trip back to Cebu City, Philippines


This is how we went about with our Euro Trip.

If you’ve gone on a Euro trip or if you’re planning to go one, feel free to share your personal itinerary.


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