Japan | 10-day Trip Budget


Total Expenses: about ¥110,000 (₱42,000or $920) Let me start off by telling you that it’s true, travelling to and Japan can be quite expensive but contrary to what most people think, it won’t cost you your entire life’s savings. Not even close. But if you compare this trip to any country in your Southeast Asian […]

Hozu-Gawa River: The Long Way to Arashiyama’s Bamboo Forest


I jumped out as soon as the train stopped and the doors opened and I dashed through the turnstiles to beat every other passenger heading towards the exit. I couldn’t contain my excitement to see the famous Bamboo Forest of Arashiyama. I already imagined myself in the middle of the forest with my samurai sword […]

Moments: When Time Stands Still

Osaka Moment

It was the peak of noon, the sun was directly on top of me and I was trying to find my way back to the train station from the Osaka Castle. Right before the stairs that led down to the fountain right in the middle of the Osaka Castle Park, I passed by a little […]

Faith Restored: Not Just Another Train Story


Two days ago, during the Oktoberfest event in Odaiba, I was asked by a U.S.-raised Japanese guy and his girlfriend what I liked about Japan. Without any hesitation, I said “the people”. He simply said “Oh really?”. He must’ve thought I was talking about beautiful and sexy chicks but I wasn’t. I was talking about […]

Angkor Wat: Beauty Beyond Words


Tuk-tuks are designed to have a full 360-degree view but 30 minutes into the trip, I caught myself staring at the right window. I started to see strobe lights beaming from behind the trees. As I drew close, I began to see the temple in its entirety. When history meets technology, old, timeless beauties are […]

I Will Never Haggle the Same Way Again


I’ve always been a strong haggler mainly because I can do away with the things that I usually bargain for. Most of the time, I would be haggling for souvenirs. Stuff for everyone else at home except myself, stuff I can do without. That gives me the power to walk away from the deal anytime […]

Bucas Grande: It Just Happened

When the Dusk Settles

  I was given a chance to fly to Surigao City for free. And yeah, free is almost always good in my vocabulary. Problem is, I didn’t know what to do in Surigao and I had barely 3000 pesos in my travel fund. But what the heck, there’s no way I’m gonna say “no” to […]

5 Questions Never to Ask Your Traveller Friend


When travellers go home(wherever it is), they instantly become storytellers. They’ll remember every minute detail of a trip and gladly share it with their friends with utmost enthusiasm. From exotic adventures to dangerous and embarrassing mishaps, they will always have good stories to tell. But as much as they want to go on and on […]

AirAsia ASEAN Pass: Your Key to Southeast Asia is Now Available

AirAsia ASEAN Pass

BANGKOK, 23 February 2015 – In an effort to boost travel by making traveling within the region a seamless experience, AirAsia introduced the “AirAsia ASEAN Pass” and “AirAsia ASEAN Pass+”. The passes are available from today at www.airasia.com. Priced at P7,200 for 10 credits(ASEAN Pass) and P12,900 for 20 credits(ASEAN Pass+) exclusive of terminal fees and airport taxes, these passes will […]

How Did You Fall in Love with Solo Travel?


“My alone feels so good, I’ll only have you if you’re sweeter than my solitude.” – Warsan Shire Not everyone is open to the idea of solo travel. Some might even dread the thought of taking on the world alone. To some, travelling itself is scary enough, let alone travelling by lonesome. Humans, as social beings, […]

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