What Makes A Sunset Beautiful


Have you ever wondered what makes a Sunset Beautiful? About a month ago, I was on a 9-hour bus trip from Chumphon to Bangkok. It was the day after the full moon party in Koh Phangan. That means I haven’t had a minute of sleep the night before. After the 1st and only stop, my […]

Eurotrip Series: Madrid “The Heart of Spain” (Oct. 22-28, 2011)

puerta de alcala

Among all other European countries in the itinerary, we had our longest stop in Madrid. I’ve been asked a thousand times, “Why not Rome or Paris? Why Madrid?” Well here’s the real score… The primary purpose of this trip was to reconnect with “Mi Padre’s” roots. To reconnect with his bloodline (Yeah, he’s half-spanish by […]


Plaza Catalunya

It is imperative to kick off an epic series with a blast and where better to start than in BARCELONA! I’m not a very big fan of architecture. In fact, art has become a waterloo for me. This city gave me a change of heart. I’m not saying I’m heading for a career-change but I […]

Euro Trip

Eurotrip Itinerary

May it be on a Bucketlist or a Wanderlist. A trip to Europe would almost always be a part of anybody’s list. Luckily for me, my parents decided to take me with them on a month-long Euro Trip. For anyone who is planning to go on a Euro Trip, 3 questions would initially come to […]



Is there such a thing as “Godstruck”? Because I swear I felt it. I’m sure everyone, at some point in their lives, experienced being “Starstruck” by famous celebrities they adore or better yet, get “Lovestruck” by their crushes. Well, this is different. This is what happened… Yesterday, the 11th of November 2011 (11/11/11), i got […]

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