Cheap and Delicious Food in Siargao at Lungay Store


Yes, there’s cheap and delicious food in Siargao. Apart from the usual chicken barbecue, grilled fish and homemade burgers at the boulevard and the “chicken joy” in the corner of the next street, there’s actually cheap and delicious carenderia food for those of us who are travelling on a very tight budget. “Where can we […]

Bucas Grande: It Just Happened

When the Dusk Settles

  I was given a chance to fly to Surigao City for free. And yeah, free is almost always good in my vocabulary. Problem is, I didn’t know what to do in Surigao and I had barely 3000 pesos in my travel fund. But what the heck, there’s no way I’m gonna say “no” to […]

The 3 Sides of Sinulog You Need to Experience


Sinulog weekend is finally here! I don’t think the word “”SINULOG” itself needs a lot of introduction as people from all over the world come to Cebu to celebrate what is arguably Asia’s biggest festival. But for the sake of those who don’t know it yet, Sinulog is a celebration to honor the patron saint […]

The Sunrise and the Lighthouse


I woke up just as the sky started turning blue with that little tinge of light from nowhere. Before my eyes were completely open, I splashed whatever’s left from the bottle of water that was naturally chilled by the cool sea breeze from the night before. I had just enough light from the sky to […]

Apo Island Travel Guide


Last week, my salt-craving gills found its way to the fabled Apo Island. I returned home with a few new experiences, tons of priceless memories and dozens of photos. Nothing excites me more than sharing my new experiences so the first thing I did as soon as I got home from the trip was transfer […]

Survival Guide: Siargao International Surfing Festival


It’s September! And in my calendar, September is Siargao month. If you’ve been there during this month, you’ll know why. If seasons have peaks then the last 2 weeks of September would definitely be the summit. Last year I travelled to Siargao 3 times between the months of August to November. Yes, it’s too obvious […]

Travel Guide: Camotes Island Day Trip for Under 1000 Pesos

The 40-foot Jump

Summer is officially over. Luckily for us Cebuanos, we live in a place where Summer doesn’t just come between March and June, but revisits us at least once a week for the rest of the year. Yes, even when it’s rainy season in the rest of the Philippines, Cebu still gets its share of that […]

Bebidas Coffee Bar: The Best Place to Chill in Ormoc City


About a month ago, I found myself strolling up and down the Ormoc City boulevard looking for a place to hang out. It was about 9 in the evening and I didn’t wanna crash this early on my last night here. I just wanted to get out of the hotel room. I didn’t really care […]

A Lesson on Contentment from an Unlikely Source

Home for the night

“Experience, Travel – these are as education in themselves” – Euripides I couldn’t even count the number of times I’ve told people how I understood more about life while exploring the 4 corners of the world than I did while sitting inside the 4 walls of the classroom for more than half my life… We […]

3 Things You Shouldn’t Miss in Siargao

The Spectator's Tower

3…2…1. 3 plane tickets, 2 cancelled flights, 1 trip and at last I’m back to where it all started. If you’ve read my post “Siargao: The Journey, Not the Destination“, you’ll understand why. If not, I suggest you read it first. What I didn’t tell everyone is that Siargao was one of the first places […]

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