On Travel and Religion


I was recently caught in a conversation with someone from the older generation who, in a rhetorical tone, asked me “Do you believe in God?”, “Do you have a religion?”. And faster than I could clear my throat and ask “Why?”, she added…”Because you are a traveller.”. I almost fell off my chair after being […]

10 Things To Do In Melaka

Melaka River

Melaka has long been known not just for its rich culture but also for its important role in history. It served as the center for trade between Europe and Asia for centuries. Today, Melaka no longer connects East and West in terms of trade. It has took on a new role of connecting the past […]

Hostel Review: Backpacker’s Freak Melaka

Backpacker's Freak Hostel

I stumbled upon this hostel while I was walking around the town of Melaka looking for a cheap place to stay. When I arrived in Melaka, I went straight to Blacksmith road and Jonker street to find a place to stay for the night since I was told that these are the streets where most […]

Melaka Travel Guide


  I’m sure most of us have come across the “Malacca” or “The Straits of Malacca” in our History class back in high school. You know, about the trade that happened here(blah! blah! blah!) How the Straits of Malacca connected east and west as it became the center for trade ages ago because of its […]

Melaka: UNESCO World Heritage City in Under 1,000 Pesos a Day


3 weeks ago, I went on a trip to Malaysia for the 6th time. This time, I decided to go straight to Melaka, one of UNESCO’s world heritage sites. I spent 3 days and 3 nights in this “Historic City”. To be honest, I’ve always thought of Malaysia as an expensive country to travel in […]

Kota Kinabalu Beyond the Peak


When someone goes on a trip to Kota Kinabalu, it would almost always be a mountain climbing/trekking trip. Rightfully so because Sabah’s Capital City holds the “Holy Grail” of Mountain Climbing in Southeast Asia – Mt. Kinabalu. This colossal mountain is the highest peak in the region and standing on its summit is the desire […]

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