Apo Island Travel Guide


Last week, my salt-craving gills found its way to the fabled Apo Island. I returned home with a few new experiences, tons of priceless memories and dozens of photos. Nothing excites me more than sharing my new experiences so the first thing I did as soon as I got home from the trip was transfer […]

Thailand Series: 3 Weeks in Thailand for 17,000 Pesos

Laughing Gas

  That’s less than 1000 Pesos($22) a day!   When I decided to go on my Epic Summer trip to Thailand in 2013, I only had 2 things in mind – Songkran and the Full Moon Party in Koh Phangan, nothing else. Like most of my trips, it’s spontaneous…sort of. But this isn’t like one […]

Survival Guide: Siargao International Surfing Festival


It’s September! And in my calendar, September is Siargao month. If you’ve been there during this month, you’ll know why. If seasons have peaks then the last 2 weeks of September would definitely be the summit. Last year I travelled to Siargao 3 times between the months of August to November. Yes, it’s too obvious […]

Travel Guide: Camotes Island Day Trip for Under 1000 Pesos

The 40-foot Jump

Summer is officially over. Luckily for us Cebuanos, we live in a place where Summer doesn’t just come between March and June, but revisits us at least once a week for the rest of the year. Yes, even when it’s rainy season in the rest of the Philippines, Cebu still gets its share of that […]

5 Types of Traveller You Dont Want to Be

Photo by Ken Martino(Vulken) via Photobucket

For as long as I can remember, the Traveller vs. Tourist Argument has always existed. It’s been an ongoing debate of who’s travelling the right way and who’s not. Truth is, there is no correct way of travelling for all travel is still travel. If what Mark Twain said was true that “Travel is fatal […]

5 Cheap and Effective Flu/Cold Remedies When in Cebu

Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid)

Summer is officially over in the Philippines and the rainy season has come. In case you don’t know, rainy season is almost synonymous with Flu/Cold season in the Philippines. Getting sick on the road can ruin your trip in an instant and some of us travel without the luxury of having a travel insurance so […]

Eurotrip Series: Madrid “The Heart of Spain” (Oct. 22-28, 2011)

puerta de alcala

Among all other European countries in the itinerary, we had our longest stop in Madrid. I’ve been asked a thousand times, “Why not Rome or Paris? Why Madrid?” Well here’s the real score… The primary purpose of this trip was to reconnect with “Mi Padre’s” roots. To reconnect with his bloodline (Yeah, he’s half-spanish by […]


Plaza Catalunya

It is imperative to kick off an epic series with a blast and where better to start than in BARCELONA! I’m not a very big fan of architecture. In fact, art has become a waterloo for me. This city gave me a change of heart. I’m not saying I’m heading for a career-change but I […]

High Spirits in BALI


It’s been exactly 7 months since i got back from my trip to Bali. But trust me, the memories I have of that trip still lingers in my head to this day. I can remember each detail of my Balinese vacation-turned-spiritual-journey just like it was yesterday. Since coming back from the journey, people have been […]

Top 5 Not-So-Common Travel Essentials


Before any traveler sets out on a journey, one important thing has to be scratched off the “to-do” list – PACKING Travelers love to pack light, or at least I know I do. There’s a certain degree of fulfillment I feel when I swing the straps of my backpack over shoulders and I realized that […]

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