To the Friend Who Travels Differently


Dear friend, The other night, you asked me how I travel more than you do and longer than you usually do. You always seem to ask me this same question and to be honest, it’s slowly creeping into my nerves every time you do. So now, I would like to answer this question once and […]

Yangon | Day Trip on a Budget


If you’re planning to go on a trip to Myanmar, you’ll most likely be entering the country through Yangon. You can actually visit most of Yangon’s attractions in 1 day. Earlier, I did just that. The good thing about it is, it’s actually cheap! Just get your shoes(or in my case, slippers) on and just […]

Two Liters to Adventure


Don’t ask me how…but last year I came up with another idea on how to save up for a travel fund. I call it “Two Liters to Adventure”. I know most of us had a piggybank at one point in our lives, well some of us still do. The only difference is what we spend […]

Japan | 10-day Trip Budget


Total Expenses: about ¥110,000 (₱42,000or $920) Let me start off by telling you that it’s true, travelling to and Japan can be quite expensive but contrary to what most people think, it won’t cost you your entire life’s savings. Not even close. But if you compare this trip to any country in your Southeast Asian […]

JR Pass Explained: Is It Worth It?

Japan Rail Pass

“Is the JR Pass worth it?” is a question travellers often ask before going on that dream trip to Japan. Let’s admit it, Japan has this reputation of being an expensive country to travel in and having to spend a hefty portion of your travel budget on a train ticket before you even get there […]

Nakau: Kyoto’s Fast Food


I’m currently on a trip where I don’t have to the luxury of time and money. Travelling to Japan can be quite expensive but don’t get me wrong, it’s still worth it. Being a budget traveller, I always try to save money every chance I get without sacrificing my time. That would mean long, brisk […]

5 Questions Never to Ask Your Traveller Friend


When travellers go home(wherever it is), they instantly become storytellers. They’ll remember every minute detail of a trip and gladly share it with their friends with utmost enthusiasm. From exotic adventures to dangerous and embarrassing mishaps, they will always have good stories to tell. But as much as they want to go on and on […]

10 Things To Do In Melaka

Melaka River

Melaka has long been known not just for its rich culture but also for its important role in history. It served as the center for trade between Europe and Asia for centuries. Today, Melaka no longer connects East and West in terms of trade. It has took on a new role of connecting the past […]

Hostel Review: Backpacker’s Freak Melaka

Backpacker's Freak Hostel

I stumbled upon this hostel while I was walking around the town of Melaka looking for a cheap place to stay. When I arrived in Melaka, I went straight to Blacksmith road and Jonker street to find a place to stay for the night since I was told that these are the streets where most […]

The 3 Sides of Sinulog You Need to Experience


Sinulog weekend is finally here! I don’t think the word “”SINULOG” itself needs a lot of introduction as people from all over the world come to Cebu to celebrate what is arguably Asia’s biggest festival. But for the sake of those who don’t know it yet, Sinulog is a celebration to honor the patron saint […]

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