Travel Guide: Camotes Island Day Trip for Under 1000 Pesos

Summer is officially over. Luckily for us Cebuanos, we live in a place where Summer doesn’t just come between March and June, but revisits us at least once a week for the rest of the year. Yes, even when it’s rainy season in the rest of the Philippines, Cebu still gets its share of that “occasional summer”. So don’t be surprised if you don’t see a cloud in the sky the day after heaven cried her heart out. Whether you’re hung up over the summer that was or you just can’t get enough of it, one thing’s for sure, Summer never ends in this little paradise we call CEBU.

When you hear about Cebu and its beaches, you’ll most likely come across familiar names like Bantayan, Malapascua, Mactan, Moalboal, Oslob and Sumilon to name a few. But there’s one island that is blessed enough to be existing under the tourist radar. So “low profile” that I didn’t even find it on Lonely Planet’s list of places to visit when in Cebu. Or at least it wasn’t there the last time I checked(Whoever has a copy of Lonely Planet, feel free to correct me if I’m wrong). Ironically, CAMOTES has become my favorite place in Cebu.

Because summer vacation’s over, we no longer have the luxury of time to go on a long escape. Students have to go back to school, the working class people have depleted their vacation leaves and some of us have depleted our travel funds. But worry not, there’s a simple and effective remedy for that insatiable wanderlust – a DAY TRIP. Oh, and by the way, this is also for anyone with a long layover in Cebu.

Let’s just say you’re Anthony Bourdain and you’re stuck in Cebu on a twenty-hour layover…

Time Check, 5:30am

5:30am Travel to Cebu North Bus Terminal. Traffic should be non-existent at this time so you’ll probably get there by 6 or earlier.
(Cost: 100-150 pesos by taxi, less than 50 pesos by Jeepnee)

6:00amArrive at the Cebu North Bus Terminal. All buses are heading north so take the next available one and tell the conductor that you are getting off at DANAO PORT.

6:30am – 7:30amTravel from Cebu North Bus Terminal to Danao Port.
(Cost: 50 Pesos)

7:45amArrive at Danao Port. Buy your ticket to get on the next ferry to Consuelo Port in Camotes via Jomalia Shipping Lines or Super Shuttle Ferry. You can also treat yourself to some some local delicacies for breakfast while you wait for your boarding time.
(Cost: Non-Airconditioned – 180 pesos, Airconditioned Cabin – 200 pesos)
Insider Info: I suggest you take the 180-peso seat and feel the ocean breeze as you travel. As an added bonus, there’s about a 50% chance of spotting dolphins.

Jomalia Shipping Lines along with Super Shuttle Ferry takes you to from Cebu to Camotes and Back

Jomalia Shipping Lines along with Super Shuttle Ferry takes you to from Cebu to Camotes and Back

8:30amDepart from Danao Port to Consuelo Port

11:00amArrive at Consuelo Port. If travelling solo, you can charter a Habal-habal(Motorbike) to take you around for the rest of the day. You don’t need to find the habal-habals, they’ll find you and they can accommodate a maximum of 2 persons. Once you found your driver/guide. Ask him to take you to Pito’s in Santiago Bay.
(Cost: About 250-300 Pesos depending on your haggling skills)

The Picturesque Santiago Bay

The Picturesque Santiago Bay

11:30amLunch at Pito’s. For a sumptuous Sutukil(Grilled, Stewed and Raw Seafoods in Vinegar and Spices) while enjoying the view of Santiago Bay. You might be tempted to take a dip and it’s totally normal considering the picturesque shoreline but don’t spend too much time here, there’s too many other beaches to explore.
(Cost: About 100-200 Pesos depending on your appetite)
Insider Info: You can find cheaper food in the Camotes Baywalk not too far from here if you’re travelling on a shoestring.

12:00noonDepart from Santiago Bay and head for Lake Danao(Not to be confused with your port of origin).

12:30pm – 1:00pmExplore Lake Danao. Exploring the lake through a raft, trekking and horseback riding are the main attractions here.
(Cost: Entrance fee – 10 Pesos, Horseback riding – 10 Pesos)

1:00pmDepart from Lake Danao. Tell your guide to take you to Bakhaw Beach.

1:30pmArrive at Bakhaw Beach. At first glance you’ll realize why you were not supposed to take a long dip in Santiago Bay – The sand is finer, the water is clearer. Not to mention, it is less crowded since most tourists stick with the more popular Santiago Bay.
(Cost: 10-Peso Environmental Fee)

The serene Bakhaw Beach with its Cyan Waters

The serene Bakhaw Beach with its Cyan Waters

1:30pm – 2:30pmEnjoy BAKHAW. Just don’t forget your to wear your Sunblock. After enjoying the saltwater, don’t go looking for a freshwater shower to wash the salt away from your skin. Instead, ask your guide to take you to Timubo Cave.
Insider info: You can drink fresh coconut juice. The locals would gladly climb one of the trees for you for 30 Pesos

2:30pmDepart from Bakhaw and Head to Timubo Cave.

Timubo Cave and Natural Freshwater Pool

Timubo Cave and Natural Freshwater Pool

3:00pmArrive at Timubo Cave. Watch your head! You might need to bend a bit as you trek through the wet, dimly-lit trail and make your way towards the deeper part of the cave where a surprise awaits. After a short walk, you’ll find the cold, freshwater pool right in the heart of the cave. Jump in to cool yourself down from the scorching heat of the sun and to wash away the salt in your skin.
(Cost: 15 Pesos)

3:30pm – 4:00pmTravel from Timubo Cave to Poro Port. Don’t forget, this is a different port from your port of entry(Consuelo Port)
Insider Info: The municipality of Poro is Miss Word New Zealand 2014 Arielle Garciano’s dad is from. And she loves visiting her relatives here.

4:00pm – Buy tickets for the 5:00pm return trip to Danao(Cebu) via Super Shuttle Ferry.
(Cost: 180-200 Pesos)

As soon as you have your ticket, ask your guide to take you to Boho Rock Resort

Buho Rock Resort

Buho Rock Resort

4:10pm: Arrive at Boho Rock Resort.

The 40-foot Jump

The 40-foot Jump

4:10pm – 4:40pmCliff Jumping! End your trip with a big splash by Jumping of the cliffs/platforms of Boho Rock. They have 2 Platforms, the first one is about 15-20 feet and the highest one is about 40 feet. Gather your courage and suck your gut to make that leap. It took me awhile to take that leap but it was well worth it.
(Cost: Entrance Fee: 15 pesos)

4:40pmHead back to Poro Port

Spotted: Dolphin Trio

Spotted: Dolphin Trio

5:00pmDepart from Poro Port to Danao(Cebu). Remember I mentioned about dolphins earlier?

8:00pmArrive at Danao Port. Walk or take a trisikad(bicycle-powered tuk-tuk) to the Jeepnee terminal.
(Cost: Free – 20 pesos)

8:15pmDepart from Danao Jeepnee terminal and head back to the city or back to Cebu North Bus Terminal.
(Cost: 50 pesos)

9:00pmArrive at North Bus Terminal. If you want to head straight back to the airport, tell the Jeepnee driver to drop you off at Pacific Mall in Mandaue where it’s a lot nearer. From there, you can take the taxi to the airport. You can have your late dinner at the airport if you wish.

Total Cost: About 950 – 1,200 Pesos

Next time you find yourself stuck Cebu, why don’t you travel off the beaten path and give Camotes a chance. There’s so many things to do and so many other places to see in this little-known paradise but I’m gonna leave the exploring to you and make sure you come back to this post and leave a comment if you had any modifications in your itinerary.

-=This post is dedicated to my brother and wingman PAOLO who always inspires me to keep life simple and easy. Happy Birthday Brother!=-

Photo Credit: Sole Sister Lois of

Important Contact Persons and Numbers:

Jofel +63910 2891430

Van/Multicab(for Groups):
Jerry +63912 7532882 | +63932 3919542
Alfred +63922 2291336
Van Service: +63908 6173329

Pito’s +63905 9367354 | +63906 7732948

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  1. Rosa says:

    We been to Camotes Islands last March 2015. Me and my partner stayed at the Banobackpackers. They have an stunning beach front where u can sit have dinner with bonfire together with the other backpacker guest and at the day the host managed to tour us around to Caves and some place for snorkelling. Amazing island looking forward to comeback in the nearest future.

    here’s my video i made one night of dinner in the bonfire enjoy:

    • Rheanne Clarice Manigos says:

      Hello. Do you still have the most updated contact number of the Bano Backpackers Resort?

      • Nurse-issistic Traveller says:

        Hi rheanne, i’m sorry but i’m not affiliated with the resort. It is just posted as a comment.

  2. Brian cerna says:

    Hi there! Permission to post. My name is Brian, a local tour guide on the island. I do tourguiding services on the island. We offer whole day tour packages for couples or, friends or groups. We have motorbikes, aircon vans and apv’s as well as multicab. I am a tourism student with a major in tourguiding. I have excellent communication skills and i deliver my services with utmost professionalism with unapralleled customer service. If you would like to come to our humble island in camotes, please feel free to reach me at 09499381098 (smart), 09774633300 (globe), and 09420617494 (sun). Our tour packages includes pick up, tour and drop off. Please call me or text me for any tour reservations. My team are very professional and accomodating :) it is with previlege to be at your service. :)

    • Larry says:

      Hello Brian. I am looking to rent a motorbike for a trip to Camotes Island. Can I rent one for 4 days? If yes, how much would it cost?

    • Antonette says:

      Hello, My name is Antonette. I’m planning to go to Camotes on my birthday next month. Could you tour us around? I wonder if I can get you no. so whenever we decide to go there anytime, we’ll have you to be contacted. Thanks and have a great day!!! :)

    • daisy says:

      hi!I’m daisy were planning to tour around camotes this coming Sunday.Can u accommodate us?

  3. We’ve been in Camotes and stayed in Santiago Beach. The beach is perfect for everyone. It has great shoreline that anybody can swim. We’ve bring our family their and it was a great adventure.

  4. christine says:

    If you need accommodations in Camotes Islands, we can help you. We can also help you with tours: beach hopping and cave hopping.

    Text or call 09065733934

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  5. Tacs says:

    Now, its easy gor me to spell AWESOME!
    Ill take this as consideration to spend my birthday with him. So easy, convenient and smart.

    Thank you😍

  6. Windelyn cabataba says:

    Looking for an affordable tour package in camotes island?feel free to contact this following number Wilbes- (SMART)0908766 3223 or(GLOBE)0935858 0453 or Windy globe 09260361468,smart 09476002169.Enjoy!

    • Rosechelle says:

      Hi windelyn,
      Pila pud ang day tour package 4 pax, June 3 saturday
      Mo gikan sa Cebu

  7. Mariel says:

    Nice trip in Camotes! Why not try southern part of Cebu. There are also lots of adventures you can go to. But still you got beautiful travel in Camotes.

    • Nurse-issistic Traveller says:

      I’ve done a little bit of traveling in the southern part of cebu as well and i loved it.

  8. Lonel says:

    Hello there! Permission to post.

    Want to explore the Enhanted and Amazing Camotes Island? We can help making your perfect trip as your pecfect ride. Unlimited tourist destination from a friendly driver/tourist guide for a cheaper price. I’m Nel, a local tourist guide. For group tour (multicab) / Single or Pair tour, please ping me here: 0912 735 2958 / 0917 357 3502 / FB: “Camotes Island Tour Package Adventures + Mountain View Vacation House”


  9. Jezenie Urbano says:

    Hello, been there at Camotes Island last June8, 2017 and it was worth every penny you spend, people there are friendly and one thing I noticed of all the notice, there dogs are friendly also, not the typical dogs that will bark at you on your first met. Hahahaha, BTW, theres a lot of new resort there especially the underground pools. I would refer to you the Amazing Resort. And we also tried the Cliff diving at Boho Rock Resort. That was awesome and one of my most unforgettable experience. Thanks to you….God bless you

    • Nurse-issistic Traveller says:

      I’m glad you enjoyed your trip and I hope you jumped off from the highest level. Haha!

  10. Jennifer says:

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    use internet for that purpose, and obtain the latest information.

  11. Brian cerna says:

    Hi sir, permission to post. i am brian. I own the facebook page travel Camotes the lost horizon of the south. I am a local tourguide, driver/operator in the island. You may also want to reconsider my services if you have guests coming in/visiting Camotes. :) i am a tourism accredited guide with a lot of kwoledge about the tourism here on the island. :) you may contact me at my numbers 09484151337, or my globe 09951022072. I have lower rates which gives guests more places at a lower cost compared to what you have quoted above and this is in line with the tourism department’s rate here in our island. Please feel free to contact me :)


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