Angkor Wat: Beauty Beyond Words

Tuk-tuks are designed to have a full 360-degree view but 30 minutes into the trip, I caught myself staring at the right window. I started to see strobe lights beaming from behind the trees. As I drew close, I began to see the temple in its entirety. When history meets technology, old, timeless beauties are reincarnated into something more spectacular. It’s beauty has exponentially bloomed from what I remembered seeing earlier today.

The Angkor Wat was in full view. She wore the strobe lights proudly like a crown beaming up to the heavens to symbolize her divinity. From afar, I could hear her scream to the world “I am the Queen! Look at me and behold my majesty!”. And she was right!


Angkor Wat New Year Night

Angkor Wat during the last night of the new year celebration


Indeed your majesty, words won’t do justice for Sarcasm is arrogant while Irony is for those who envy and no amount of Metaphor and Simile will ever be enough to describe such a beauty.

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