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To fully understand what this blog(and the author) is about, I’ll dissect the word play behind the 

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NURSE This doesn’t require a lot of explanation considering I’m a Nurse by profession so you might come across some Health and Fitness posts in the blog.

NARCISSISTICI’m not a narcissist. Really, I’m not. Or at least not officially diagnosed. Alright seriously, this just came about because of all the “Selfies” I have to take whenever I travel. One of the challenges of solo travel is taking pictures of yourself. But it’s not gonna stop me from making soft and hard copies of significant memories…And that’s why “Selfies” or “Self Portraits”(whatever you call it) are common in this blog. Aside from that, please don’t let me start talking about travel in casual conversations or else I’ll take over the airwaves and just blabber about past and future trips. Once I get started, you won’t have your chance to talk…so dont!

TRAVELLERDo I really have to expound? Alright, I’ll always be a traveller before I’m a blogger. Solo travel has become a passion. If you noticed the tagline on the banner, it says “No Plans, No Expectations, No Regrets”. This is exactly why I’m not a big fan of itineraries and extensive planning. Nonetheless, I’d take the chance to travel over anything else that money can buy. By the way, if you’ve read the part about “The Author”, you’ll know that I always travel on a very minimal budget. 


The way I travel is an exact replica of my life which makes this blog is more than just an anecdote of my trips, it’s my entire life in a “.com”. I’ve always kept a journal to make travel memories eternal but it wasn’t until last year that I started sharing some of my experiences to the world. Just to warn you, there’s no sugarcoating in this blog. My experiences may differ from everyone else’s but I’ll keep every post genuine and I’ll call it as I see it.
Phew! that’s pretty much everything about this blog and about me, it feels like you can see right through me from now on…but I don’t really mind.