5 Questions Never to Ask Your Traveller Friend

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When travellers go home(wherever it is), they instantly become storytellers. They’ll remember every minute detail of a trip and gladly share it with their friends with utmost enthusiasm. From exotic adventures to dangerous and embarrassing mishaps, they will always have good stories to tell.

But as much as they want to go on and on with their travel stories, there are certain questions that are so clichéd that all they hear are rhetoric bells as it annoyingly travel through their ears. So please understand if they instinctively echo with sarcastic, condescending responses.


1. How many countries have you been to?

          We don’t count. Because in all honesty, we don’t really care. We live and travel for the experience which is pretty much unquantifiable. Our egos don’t get a boost by counting the number of places we’ve been to in as much as yours does by the number of likes your profile photo gets with a famous landmark on the background.


2. Where can I find cheap plane tickets and accommodations?

          We painstakingly spend hours, days or even weeks doing research just to find the cheapest way to travel. Going through different routes, considering multi-city options and even crappy airlines. We’d really like to help but research is probably the part we dislike most. Please don’t expect us to do it for you.
Tip: There’s this new thing on the internet, it’s called “Google”, you might want to give it a try.


3. What is the best place you’ve been to?

          You got really got us thinking there. Not really, As much as we’d like to pinpoint just one, it’s just not possible.


4. How do you pay for your travel? It must be really expensive to travel.

          Uhm…How did you pay for that new smartphone you have? It must’ve cost a limb, mine’s outdated but hey, it still works. How much did you pay for that new pair of shoes? Mine’s worn out but they still protect my feet. Wow! Your designer shirt looks expensive, how much did you get it for? I’ve been wearing mine for the past five years, I hope I don’t gain weight so I can still wear them for five more years. Yes, we go through great lengths to save up for a trip. Call us cheapskates but it’s our frugal ways that has taken us to places.


5. Isn’t that place dangerous?

          Not as dangerous as your own bed. I read an article on the web, it says thousands of people fall from their beds each year and thousands more die in their own homes. Doesn’t that make you a bit scared? Yes we know that you saw it in the news or read about it in some exaggerated article, but please don’t believe everything they say. Sure any place can be scary but trust us when we say that the good will almost always outweigh the bad.


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  1. For me no. 5 is like roll eyes…

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