AirAsia ASEAN Pass: Your Key to Southeast Asia is Now Available

AirAsia ASEAN Pass

BANGKOK, 23 February 2015 – In an effort to boost travel by making traveling within the region a seamless experience, AirAsia introduced the “AirAsia ASEAN Pass” and “AirAsia ASEAN Pass+”. The passes are available from today at Priced at P7,200 for 10 credits(ASEAN Pass) and P12,900 for 20 credits(ASEAN Pass+) exclusive of terminal fees and airport taxes, these passes will […]

How Did You Fall in Love with Solo Travel?


“My alone feels so good, I’ll only have you if you’re sweeter than my solitude.” – Warsan Shire Not everyone is open to the idea of solo travel. Some might even dread the thought of taking on the world alone. To some, travelling itself is scary enough, let alone travelling by lonesome. Humans, as social beings, […]

10 Things To Do In Melaka

Melaka River

Melaka has long been known not just for its rich culture but also for its important role in history. It served as the center for trade between Europe and Asia for centuries. Today, Melaka no longer connects East and West in terms of trade. It has took on a new role of connecting the past […]

Hostel Review: Backpacker’s Freak Melaka

Backpacker's Freak Hostel

I stumbled upon this hostel while I was walking around the town of Melaka looking for a cheap place to stay. When I arrived in Melaka, I went straight to Blacksmith road and Jonker street to find a place to stay for the night since I was told that these are the streets where most […]

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