The Perfect Trip (04-22-13)

Getting High above Koh Nang Yuan

How do I know if I’m having the “Perfect Trip”? EASY! It’s getting that natural High! And when I say high, I mean it. Literally! It’s feeling blue once in awhile. When I say “Blue”, I don’t mean “sad” It’s as simple as lying down all day. Not in a hotel room. But in the […]

First Few Hours in Chiang Mai: A Bad First Impression

Home place, home for the night

If I had to rate Chiang Mai based on my first impression, it would have been a cold 0/10! A series of unfortunate events led me to give it a zilch on my “Travel-o-meter“. But as I’m writing this post, please understand that even with this experience, Chiang Mai has already become a perfect 10! […]

How I Got Lucky in Mo Chit Station

Mo Chit Station

I’ve read from an inflight magazine a couple of months back that Chiang Mai is the best place to celebrate the Songkran Festival (Thai New Year). So when I decided I was gonna travel to Thailand to celebrate Songkran, there was no way I was gonna settle for anything less than the best. I knew […]

Eurotrip Series: Madrid “The Heart of Spain” (Oct. 22-28, 2011)

puerta de alcala

Among all other European countries in the itinerary, we had our longest stop in Madrid. I’ve been asked a thousand times, “Why not Rome or Paris? Why Madrid?” Well here’s the real score… The primary purpose of this trip was to reconnect with “Mi Padre’s” roots. To reconnect with his bloodline (Yeah, he’s half-spanish by […]

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